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Twenty-Fourteen…Auld Lang Syne


I’ve began to see a lot of personal resolutions (and anti-resolutions) for the upcoming year. A lot of reflection is taking place, so I’m taking a moment to do the same. I wasn’t sure which platform to use but eventually decided on giving my thoughts and recap to my blog…the tool has really helped me advance with my promoting of service and volunteerism, with a few fun finds in between. I hope you take time to read it all! 🙂

I don’t have much to complain about this year, if anything at all. While turning the big 3-0 (which means I look about 24 now smh) 2014 was a new start for me; a year of (tangible) redemption. For those unaware, I was out of work for about 3 years, which is how I found my purpose to help out where I can and be an example for others to get involved. I was offered a fulltime position with Progressive Insurance at the tail end of 2013 so I felt that was a holiday present to myself, getting back to stability. It took some time to get used to; I used to have a bit more freedom here and there but I’m very happy to be working consistently again.

I also was without a vehicle for months prior to the start of my new job. I managed to replace that after several months of saving money in 2013 from temp jobs and the steady income with my current position.

In addition, I was in between places to stay. I went from a house to a couch. I’m really fortunate to have parents who help me when things like this happen. I’ll have to buy them a big house or fancy car one of these days; maybe just some dinner LOL. After months of looking and a LOT of 40+ hour work weeks (on top of volunteer work), I found a small apartment on the Westside of Cleveland.

Not to get too personal (as if I haven’t been already lol), I found myself in a new relationship with a guy I have little in common with! It seems to work for the better…he’s still here as of the 31st of December so that has to be a very good thing, right?! We depend on the whole “opposites attract” mantra haha. He too has taken some steps towards getting some things in order. I’m glad he’s here. He even got me a new laptop for Christmas, so I hope to post more often! 🙂

I also completed the 52-week challenge, in which I put the amount of dollars based on the week of the year (week 1=$1, week 35=$35, etc.) into the bank. That amounts to an extra $1378 for anyone attempting to tackle that next year. Good Luck!

I had some school debt that I was able to pay off this year, which leads me into a venture I’m preparing for in the coming months. There are some things I need to take on in order to become a more effective “Change Agent”. Stay tuned for that. 🙂

I cannot give you a specific number, but I’m more than confident that I can add a good 400+ hours of volunteering/community service to 2014. I’m using the number 400 to appear modest; I did a LOT between tutoring, walking and running for however many causes, social events, a Youth Symposium, serving food, and I’m sure I am missing something!

This year helped a lot to prepare me for some great things in the next 365 days. I feel myself becoming more of the woman I was destined to be, even with none of the things I listed above. To be honest I didn’t realize what I had accomplished until I took a moment to look back on everything. I found myself comparing my journey to those around me, so I found myself a bit down at times thinking I wasn’t doing enough when I actually did exactly what I needed to do. I’m fortunate to have had the focus to take care of some business. For the new year I will work on doing less of that, and know that I have my own path to follow and to be happy for everyone I see coming into their own. I will remain humble and optimistic for the future and appreciate what this year brought on. I look forward to more growth, new opportunities and peace for myself and for those around me. At some point I may even get some rest!

I will continue to blog about ways for you to help out around town, and please feel free to connect with me directly if you are looking for something more specific. This is my passion and no matter what I may or may not have going on in life, I feel the best when Volunteering and it really makes me feel good to know that I caught someone’s attention or am of any influence. I know I’m on a smaller scale than most advocates, but a little goes a long way in life. I wish you all a new year of growth and understanding, and continued success. To anyone with a not-so-ideal 2014…I had one of those years, maybe 3…You have come to the point of farewell; Remain humble, be good, do good. There is a lot going on in the world so it is important to not get lost in it…

For days of long ago, my dear,
for days of long ago,
we’ll take a cup of kindness yet,
for days of long ago.

Thanks for reading!

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